February Pastor's Note


Dear Friends-

In the darkness of winter, I find myself craving for the days where we have had warmer weather and sunshine, even if only for a few hours! But, I have realized that I have needed to create my own brightness to combat the dreary winter blues. It has been a joy this past month to see the light come from within our church and within our community through the Saint John’s Bible exhibit at the Arts of the Albemarle. I have been overwhelmed with gratitude with the response and support from the church with the community based activities we have put together. Our Brown Bag Bible Studies moved to AOA in January and we invited the community to participate in a study with the art from the Saint John’s Bible and Scripture. We have averaged 20 participants from not only Cann, but from many of the other area churches. Our conversations and discussions have proven to be rich and fulfilling and a blessing to those who have participated.

Then on the 26th of January we participated in the community service at Evangelical Methodist Church, an evening of light and illumination for Elizabeth City. One of the area minister’s in their meditation on scripture, talked about as people, we are called to be living sacraments-the visible signs of the grace of our Lord, to our community. We are called to be the light of Christ to all who cross our paths. So as part of the worship service, we had a time of prayer where each individual took a tealight lit from the Christ candles, and laid their light onto a map of Elizabeth City, as their own personal prayer to be the light of Christ over our community. It was a wonderful moment for us, and a beautiful representation of our call to action as Christians. We closed with this prayer and this is my prayer for all of us this month, as we continue to be the light of God in the darkness of winter.

Lord we have glorified you for the grace you have given us in this community service. In the joy of being called to serve you in the one search for Christian unity, we acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit and the admirable diversity of gifts and talents of the Spirit destined to be shared, to illuminate across Elizabeth City, across our state, in the nation and in the world. We commit ourselves to persevere in constant prayer for Christian unity, and through concrete gestures of reconciliation, to seek to bring forth perfect unity in your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Pastor Elizabeth